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A:  "Where did you go today?"
A:  "Where did you go today?"

B:  "Today I went to [place (i.e. school)]."
B:  "Today I went to [place]."
B:  "That's what I did today!"
B:  "That what I did today!"

A :  "Today s/he went to [place]."
A:  "Today s/he went to [place]."
A:  "That's what s/he did today!"
A:  "That's what s/he did today!"

Suggestion:  Teach basic structure of chant, then choose a student to be B and perform the role of A. After A has mirrored B's response, B becomes the next player A and chooses someone else to be B. You may wish to have all students stand, then sit down after they have performed roles B and A. This will ensure that all students get one turn before any student gets a second turn.

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