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Fingerplays and Action Rhymes for Young Learners

Spend any amount of time in an early childhood classroom, and you'll quickly realize that it's only natural for young children to be active. Fingerplays and action rhymes captivate young students and help teachers channel their natural energy and enthusiasm into meaningful learning experiences. Fingerplays and action rhymes also help even beginning English language learners associate words and phrases with meaning.

All By Myself All By Myself

actions; classroom routine; includes teaching strategies

The Beehive The Beehive

the question "Where?"; number concepts (1-5); includes teaching strategies

Circle Time Chant Circle Time Chant


The Elephant The Elephant
physical descriptions; includes teaching strategies
Five Little Fishies Five Little Fishies
number concepts; actions; includes teaching strategies
Five Little Monkeys Five Little Monkeys
number concepts (1-5); counting backwords
Five Little Firefighters Five Little Firefighters
occupations; actions
Grandma's Glasses Grandma's Glasses
accessories; differences; includes teaching strategies
Home, Sweet Home Home, Sweet Home
animals; habitats; parts of a house
Jack in the Box Jack in the Box
concepts of "in" and "out"
Mix a Pancake Mix a Pancake
simple actions; describing a process
My Family My Family
immediate family relationships; includes teaching strategies
Open Them, Shut Them Open Them, Shut Them
open/shut/clap/fold; a good activity to prepare for a quiet story, teaching, or snack time
Right Hand, Left Hand Right Hand, Left Hand
teaches right and left; includes teaching strategies
Sleepy Caterpillars Sleepy Caterpillars
natural processes; vocabulary--caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly; includes teaching strategies
Tall and Small Tall and Small
adjectives; opposites
Teatime Teatime
simple actions; vocabulary--cup, pot, pour, drink; includes teaching strategies
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
simple actions
There Was a Little Turtle There Was a Little Turtle
past tense; contrast; includes teaching strategies
Three Balls Three Balls
shapes, sizes

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