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Growing a Greener Home for Our Children

As people consider the future of our planet and the current state of the environment, the trends in home improvement and home repair are turning toward making more eco-friendly homes that will allow our children to inherit a cleaner, better world. There are many ways to make homes greener, such as using alternative energy sources, sustainable building materials, and energy-efficient windows and appliances. Other ways to live a greener life include recycling, composting, and using energy responsibly, which are also great ways to get children involved in taking a cleaner approach to the environment. Teaching children at a young age to respect the world they live in and to reduce their carbon footprint makes good sense for making the world a greener place. Parents and educators who are interested in teaching children eco-friendly habits when they are young have access to numerous resources to make environmentalism fun and informative.

Home Improvement for Greener Living

Explore a wealth of links to information about how to live a greener lifestyle. Make better choices for your home and family to protect the environment through alternative energy sources.

The Trompe: A Clean Energy Source

Discover what a trompe is and how it can provide an endless source of clean energy using the energy from compressed air.

Home Improvement for Environmentally Friendly Living

Learn about protecting the earth and reducing your carbon footprint by making energy-efficient improvements to your home, learning to compost, and using environmentally friendly cleaners in your home. This site also includes kid-friendly links to help teach children how to be better stewards of the planet.

Energy-Saving Tips

Try some of these energy-saving tips to reduce the amount of energy you use and save some money in the process.

Energy Education

Read about Competitive Power Ventures' energy education program. CPV offers an educational program for use in classrooms that aims to teach children about making smart energy choices today for a better world tomorrow.

Earth Day Activities

Get activities for Earth Day to make the day both fun and educational.

Green Home Repair

Green homes are catching on. Learn about building and repairing homes so that they have a smaller impact on the environment.

Energy Challenge for Kids

Let Tolby the firefly teach your children about making good energy choices. Kids and families can take an energy challenge together and try activities that help reduce energy usage.

Energy Information for Kids

This page provides links to several different resources for teaching kids about energy usage and conservation.

Educational Energy Resources

Here's a list of sites to get more information about energy conservation suitable for teaching children how to protect the planet by saving energy.

Kids' Zone for Energy Education

Kids can learn lots of new information about energy with games and activities designed to teach smart energy use.

Educational Materials

Here are some resources to educational materials for teaching kids the importance of clean air and how they can help improve air quality.

Small Home Improvement to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Learn how a very simple change in the light bulbs you use can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

Energy Activities and More

Choose from a list of websites that provide videos, games, and activities to educate children about energy.

The Water Cycle

View a representation of the water cycle that explains how water changes states and where people can step in during the cycle to keep water clean and usable.

Going Green on Campus and at Home: Improvement of Your Habits

Get a "Green Tip of the Week" and view resources related to recycling.

Tips for Water Conservation

Read tips for how you can conserve water in your home and yard while also avoiding adding to the water pollution problem.

Composting Resources for Home Improvement

The U.S. Composting Council provides a list of resources for learning about composting and teaching children how to compost.

Green Activities

Children can learn about the environment using fun games, activities, and videos.

Protecting Our Home: Repair Your Habits for Sustainability

Get information about a variety of ways to encourage sustainable living, including recycling, composting, and ethical consumption.

Home Repair for a Greener Home

Find out how you can make repairs to your home and the way you live to improve the earth and reduce your carbon footprint.

Home Repair: Help Kids Save the Earth

Find resources for teaching kids how to repair the damage humans have done to the planet and help save the earth through learning about climate change and environmentalism.

Non-Recyclable Items

Some items cannot be recycled. Learn how you can make recycling more efficient in your neighborhood.

Composting Guide

Read a short guide to composting, including what to put in the composting bin and how to get the greatest benefit from the process.

Home Repair Involving Drains

Find out if a surface drain or a French drain is the best option to repair the drainage problems on your property.

Home Improvement Rebates

Rebates for energy-efficient and eco-friendly home improvements may be available to California residents. Learn how you may be able to take advantage of these money-saving rebates.

Real Estate and Environmental Sites

Use this extensive list of links to sites dealing with real estate laws and regulations as well as the environment to help make good choices when investing in properties or making home improvements and repairs.

Search for a Home or Help With Home Repair

This page offers links to a variety of resources for searching for your next home and for making repairs or improvements to your existing home.

Real Estate Resources

Peruse a list of websites related to home buying and home ownership.

Gallery of Unusual Home Improvement Photos

Check out some unusual ways to upcycle and recycle items for home improvement projects.

University of Oregon Building to Undergo Green Improvement

Find out how the University of Oregon plans to renovate one of its buildings for sustainability and function.

Home Repair Certification

Lorain County Community College offers certificate programs in home building and home repair. Learn more about the programs they have available here.

Value of Home Improvement

Read about how home improvements can help maintain or increase the value of a home and which ones make the best investments.

Home Improvement Fact Sheet

New York's attorney general's office provides some tips to protect yourself when hiring someone to complete home repairs or renovations.

Green Home Repair in New Jersey

Get a guide developed by the Rutgers Center for Green Building for remodeling homes with an emphasis on making eco-friendly improvements according to New Jersey guidelines.

University of Arizona Renovation Services

Read about the process the University of Arizona uses to request and carry out renovation requests on campus.

Minor Home Repair License

Find out about obtaining a C-26 Minor Home Repair license, the career options, and options for further education.

Home Improvement Safety

Learn about potential hazards when completing home improvement projects and how to avoid them.

Home Improvement to Accommodate Disabilities

Get a guide for home renovations that make homes accessible for people with disabilities and special needs.

Consumer Protection for Home Repair

The Iowa attorney general's office offers some ideas for helping homeowners hire the right contractor for home repair or renovation jobs.

Home Improvement Competition

See a picture of the home improvement design submitted by Gateway Technical College students in the NARI Home Improvement Show.

High School Renovation

Look at a brochure and videos about the renovations completed at the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia.

Home Improvement for Veterans

Find out which home improvements for veterans are eligible for payment under the Home Improvements and Structural Alterations grant.

Home Improvement Basics Class

Take a class in home improvement at the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC).

History of the Home Improvement Industry

Project Muse provides a report detailing the history of the home improvement industry from 1914-60.

UC Santa Barbara Library Renovation

UC Santa Barbara plans to renovate their library to better meet the needs of their students and faculty. Read more about the project and watch a video to see the redesigned library.

Denison University Student Improves Community

Read how one Denison University student used his passion and education to better his community through service projects that address the needs of the community, including a gardening project.

Home Improvement at Scoville Hall and Johnson House

View plans for improving and repairing two historic buildings on the Carleton College campus in Northfield, Minnesota.

Cleveland Housing and Home Improvement

Visit the city of Cleveland's Housing and Home Improvement page for information about buying, renting, building, and maintaining property in Cleveland, Ohio.

Home Repair Degree Online

Penn Foster Career School offers an online degree in home remodeling and repair.

Home Improvement Loans

The city of Diamond Bar, California, offers low- and medium-income residents access to home improvement loans to address maintenance issues and to correct existing code violations.

Home Improvement Loans and Grant Interventions

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describe assistance available for addressing home repair issues that may pose health and safety hazards.

Home Improvement to Prevent Falls

Learn how home improvements can help prevent falls for elderly and injured people.

Hiring a Contractor

The Federal Trade Commission offers steps to ensure a successful home renovation or repair when hiring a contractor.

Home Improvement Injuries

The University of Florida compares the number of injuries associated with home improvement to injuries inflicted by sharks.

Home Remodeling and Additions

Find out about Delaware Community College's course in the basics of home remodeling, including stairs, plumbing, roofing, electrical wiring, and more.

La Habra Home Improvement Loans and Grants

Qualifying residents of La Habra, California, may be eligible for grants or loans to make general improvements to their homes.

Home Repair and Remodeling Services

Quality Remodeling and Repair provides interior and exterior remodeling and repairs for homes.

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