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Alphabet Chants

The following are simple chants to help students remember the sounds made by each letter of the alphabet. Of course the words used in the examples may be changed according to your students' vocabularies.

The general rhythm of each chant is the same. Please note the [CLAP] markings in the first sample. This follows stressed syllables.

This is intended as a fun review, not a forced drill or rote memory project. Teach one or two sounds a day like this. Vary chant by saying it loudly, saying it softly, saying it fast, saying it slowly, saying it up high, saying it down low, asking all the boys to say it, asking everyone wearing red to say it, etc. After students have memorized new sound, do a quick review of old sounds. With just five to ten minutes a day of this review, even the youngest learners will be able to associate words with their initial sounds.

A [CLAP] says /a/ [CLAP] like ap-[CLAP] -ple.
> A [CLAP] says /a/ [CLAP] /a/ [CLAP] /a/ [CLAP].

B says /b/ like baseball.
B says /b/ /b/ /b/.

C says /c/ like cookie.
C say /c/ /c/ /c/.

D says /d/ like dinosaur.
D says /d/ /d/ /d/.

E says /e/ like elephant.
E says /e/ /e/ /e/.

F says /f/ like fireman.
F says /f/ /f/ /f/.

G says /g/ like goldfish.
G says /g/ /g/ /g/.

H says /h/ like hospital.
H says /h/ /h/ /h/.

I says /i/ like igloo.
I says /i/ /i/ /i/.

J says /j/ like jumping.
J says /j/ /j/ /j/.

K says /k/ like kitten.
K says /k/ /k/ /k/.

L says /l/ like listen.
L says /l/ /l/ /l/.

M says /m/ like mother.
M says /m/ /m/ /m/.

N says /n/ like nurse.
N says /n/ /n/ /n/.

O says /o/ like octopus.
O says /o/ /o/ /o/.

P says /p/ like pencil.
P says /p/ /p/ /p/.

Q says /q/ like queen.
Q says /q/ /q/ /q/.

R says /r/ like rabbit.
R says /r/ /r/ /r/.

S says /s/ like snowman.
S says /s/ /s/ /s/.

T says /t/ like turtle.
T says /t/ /t/ /t/.

U says /u/ like umbrella.
U says /u/ /u/ /u/.

V says /v/ like van.
V says /v/ /v/ /v/.

X says /x/ like X-ray.
X says /x/ /x/ /x/.

Y says /y/ like yellow.
Y says /y/ /y/ /y/.

Z says /z/ like zebra.
Z says /z/ /z/ /z/.

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