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Chants for Young Learners

Chants can be a fun way for students to acquire new vocabulary and use this language in proper syntax. Even the youngest learners will enjoy the repetition and rhythm of these

Alphabet Chants Alphabet Chants
initial consonant sounds; short vowel sounds
A Walk In The Jungle A Walk In The Jungle
names of animals; descriptions
Bear Hunt Bear Hunt
basic directional terms
Cinderella Cinderella
Clothes Chant Clothes Chant
basic articles of clothing; color/clothing combination; questions and answer
If I Were... If I Were...
occupations and related activities
' I Like to Eat
expressing likes and dislikes; foods
Miss Mary Mack Miss Mary Mack
Rain, Rain, Go Away! Rain, Rain, Go Away!
weather concepts
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bea Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
classic jump rope rhyme teaches variety of actions
Ten Little Fingers Ten Little Fingers
simple rhyme to review body parts
Today Today
present and past tense; locations; question and answer
Traffic Lights Traffic Lights
safety rules
The Three Bears The Three Bears
rhyme version of the classic fairy tale is a great way to work on pronunciation
Who Took the Cookies? Who Took the Cookies?
question "who"; denial

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