The EFL Playhouse: A Resource for ESL/EFL Teachers of Young Learners

Printable Materials

The following materials are ready for download and use. In order to open files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you have games, worksheets, puzzles, or other printables that you'd like to submit for inclusion, click here to e-mail them. Accepted file formats include WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, and Adobe Acrobat files.
Printable Games
Alphabet Dominoes Alphabet Dominoes
A letter-initial sound matching game; played like Double Six Dominoes.
Animal Alphabet Animal Alphabet
A letter-initial sound matching game; may be played like Memory.
Around the House Bingo Around the House Bingo
A vocabulary game; reviews rooms in a house and basic home furnishings; coordinates with Let's Go 2.
CVC Match-up CVC Match-up
A beginning reading game; reviews the concept of rhyming words and drills the consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) word pattern.
One or More? Bingo One or More? Bingo
A beginning grammar game; encourages players to differentiate between singular and plural nouns; may also be used to build auditory discrimination skills.
Rhyming Word Dominoes
A beginning reading game; players match rhyming short vowel words.
Subject-Verb Gramminoes Subject-Verb Gramminoes
An elementary grammar game; students follow basic dominoes rules of play to match sentence halves and create grammatically-correct sentences.
Telling Time Bingo Telling Time Bingo
A beginning listening game; students must recognize times to the hour and the half hour.
Weather Dominoes Weather Dominoes
A beginning vocabulary game; played like Double Six Dominoes.
Printable Worksheets
All About Me All About Me
Fact Family House Fact Family House
Favorite School Activities Favorite School Activities (Draw-and-write)
A Guide to Forming Plurals Correctly A Guide to Forming Plurals Correctly
Behavior Chart (Space Theme)
Behavior Chart (Space Theme)
Printable Puzzles
Colors of Our World Crossword Puzzle Colors of Our World Crossword Puzzle
Back to School Crossword Puzzle
Time and Seasons Crossword Puzzle
Dolch Sight Words
Dolch Sight Words are the 220 of the most commonly used words in English. Here, they are divided into eleven 20-word lists that may be used as spelling and/or reading lists.
Dolch Sight Word List 1 Dolch List 1
Dolch Sight Word List 2 Dolch List 2
Dolch Sight Word List 3 Dolch List 3
Dolch Sight Word List 4 Dolch List 4
Dolch Sight Word List 5 Dolch List 5
Dolch Sight Word List 6 Dolch List 6
Dolch Sight Word List 7 Dolch List 7
Dolch Sight Word List 8 Dolch List 8
Dolch Sight Word List 9 Dolch List 9
Dolch Sight Word List 10 Dolch List 10
Dolch Sight Word List 11 Dolch List 11

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You may use this material freely in your home or classroom; however, no portion of the material on this site is to be re-posted, reproduced, or sold without prior permission. 

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