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Phonics and Phonemic Awareness for Young Learners

Few topics related to language arts have been debated as frequently and furiously as the issue of phonics. While I don't believe that phonics is a one-size-fits-all solution to reading, I do believe that phonemic awareness is an important tool in the decoding of written English. Following are some activities and resources designed to make both the teaching and learning of phonics more fun for you and your students.

Phonemic Awareness: Alphabet Chants Alphabet Chants
an adaptable rhythmic approach to associating letters and sounds
Phonemic Awareness: The Alphabet Song The Alphabet Song
alphabet; alphabetical order
Phonemic Awareness: The Vowel Song The Vowel Song
vowel recognition; short and long vowel discrimination
Phonemic Awareness: Alpha Toss Alpha Toss
identifying initial sounds; combining sounds to create words
Alphabet Big Book Alphabet Big Book
initial sounds and vocabulary
Alphabet "I Spy" Alphabet "I Spy"
initial consonant sounds; final consonant sounds; rhyming words
Alphabet Taboo Alphabet Taboo
vocabulary development; listening comprehension; letter-sound association
Clap-n-Count Clap-n-Count
listening skills; syllable segmentation
Create-A-Letter Create-a-Letter
develops letter-sound association skills
The Letter Hunt The Letter Hunt
increase phonemic awareness; correctly identify initial consonant sounds
Letters in the Sand Letters in the Sand
develops letter-sound association skills; especially good for tactile learners
Letter Show-and-Tell Letter Show-and-Tell
develops letter-sound association skills and vocabulary; encourages oral production
Sound Train Sound Train
builds awareness of initial and final consonant sounds

Recommended Resources

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