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If I Were ...

If I were an astronaut, (Crouch down close to the ground, pretending to be in a space shuttle.)
What would I do?
Blast off to the moon, (Jump up as high as possible.)
Then look down at you. (Hold hand above eyes and look down.)

If I were a baker (Pretend to put on apron.)
What would I do?
Bake lots of cookies (Make a circle with hands.)
For me and you. (Point to self and a friend.)

If I were a dentist, (Look in friend's mouth.)
What would I do?
I'd clean your teeth (Pretend to clean friend's teeth.)
Because that's good for you!

If I were a farmer, (Pretend to remove hat; wipe forehead.)
What would I do?
I'd rise up early every day,  (Yawn and stretch.)
And milk the cows for you. (Pretend to drink glass of milk.)

If I were a pilot, (Pretend to fly.)
What would I do?
I 'd climb into the cockpit, (Pretend to climb into cockpit.)
And fly my plane for you.

If I were a secretary, (Pretend to type.)
What would I do?
Answer the phone, (Pretend to hold phone to ear.)
Saying, "How do you do?"

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