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Family Tree

Objective: Students create family tree, then use family tree to review family relationships
Group Size: 1-20
Prep Time: > 5 minutes
Activity Time: 15-20 minutes if photographs are used; 15-40 minutes if students sketch family members
Interest Level: ages 3 to 12
Ability Level: beginning

Preparation/Materials Needed: One large sheet of paper for each student; crayons or colored pencils; pencils, pens, or markers; scissors; glue; photographs of each student's mother, father, siblings, grandparents, and student (optional)

Directions: Give each student one large sheet of paper. Direct student to draw tree trunk that extends from bottom of page to center. At the top of the trunk, students should sketch or paste photograph of themselves.Students should then draw tree top which extends from center to top of page. Near the bottom of the trunk, students should sketch or paste photographs of parents, one on the left, the other on the right. Above each parent, students should sketch or paste photographs of that parent's parents (the student's maternal and paternal grandparents). Students may then sketch or paste photographs of siblings beneath tree top on either side of trunk. After all pictures have been placed, students should neatly print each person's title beneath his or her picture. Students may then color tree and trunk appropriate colors.

After family trees have been completed, students may take turns showing their family trees and introducing various family members. They should learn how to say, "This is my [relation]. His/Her name is _________." You may also ask students to give each person's age, hobbies, and/or occupation.

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