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Nature Hunt

Objective: Students correctly identify items found in nature.
Group Size: 1-15 (More students may participate if more than one teacher is present.)
Prep Time: 5-10 minutes
Activity Time: 20-40 minutes
Interest Level: ages 3 and up
Ability Level: beginning to intermediate

Preparation: Walk through a park or nature preserve and make notes of the items you see--small leaves, green grass, white flowers, dirt, stones, birds, water, etc.

Materials Needed:
small notebook or sketch pad for each student
pen or pencil

Directions: Lead students to a safe area near the school where a variety of natural items may be found. (Even a garden in an apartment complex could work.) Explain to students that they must sketch as many items that they believe they can identify in English as possible in a set time period. Establish clear boundary lines to ensure that all students remain within your line of sight (the younger the students, the smaller the area).

When time is up, direct all students to sit down on the grass or in a nearby picnic area. Ask each child to share his or her sketches with the class and give the English name of the item. You may choose to give each student one point per item correctly identified and award a small prize to the student who correctly identifies the greatest number of objects. If you have listed items that no student identifies, take the time to teach these new words to the class as well.

Supplementary Idea: After returning to class or as a homework project, supply each student with a sturdy sheet of paper. Ask students to create a collage which includes as many of the items sighted as possible. Using the finished product, students should be able to describe their day in the park.

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