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The EFL Playhouse: A Resource for ESL/EFL Teachers of Young Learners

See, Hear, Taste, and Smell

Objective: to increase sensory awareness; describe objects using sensory detail.
Group Size: 4 to 24
Prep Time: none
Playing Time: 5-20 minutes
Interest Level: ages 3 to adult
Ability Level: beginning

Game: Divide students into two teams. Pick student from one team to be the "sensor." Either assign an object to the student or allow him/her to select an object. This student must now give one sensory description of the object. (i.e. "I see something ____," or "I taste something _____.") The student's team then receives one guess. If it guesses correctly, no points are assigned. If it guesses incorrectly it receives one point, and the opposing team receives a guess. If the opposing team guesses correctly, no point is assigned to it, and the next sensor is selected from it. Otherwise, it also receives one point, the current sensor offers another description and teams may guess again. Remember, points are assigned for incorrect guesses; therefore, the team with the lowest wins.

Note: This game provides an excellent tool for vocabulary review. You may wish assign a particular topic for the session (i.e. clothing, vegetables, classroom objects, etc.). Flash cards may also be incorporated. These are especially useful when working with younger students. I would often post ten or fifteen object cards that I wanted my students to review, then allow the sensor to choose among these objects. Even pre-school students seemed to enjoy this variation.

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