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The EFL Playhouse: A Resource for ESL/EFL Teachers of Young Learners

I Spy With My Little Eye ...
Objectives: to describe common objects; to increase sensory perception; to verbalize sensory detail
Group Size: 4 to 24
Prep Time: none
Playing Time: 5-15 minutes
Interest Level: ages 3 to 16
Ability Level: beginning

Language Used: Classroom objects; colors; "Is it ____?"; "Yes, it is."; "No, it isn't."

Choose one student to be the spy. The spy looks around the room and selects and object which he or she then whispers to the teacher. (With very young students, it might be better to have them tell a teachers outside of the classroom.) He or she then announces to the class, "I spy with my little eye something [color]." Students then take turns guessing the what the spy has seen object (i.e. "Is it the teacher's shirt?") Whoever guesses correctly becomes the next spy.

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