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The EFL Playhouse: A Resource for ESL/EFL Teachers of Young Learners

Taste Test
Objectives: describing how a particular food tastes; asking and answering questions about the taste of a given food
Group Size: 4 to 18
Prep Time: > 15 minutes
Playing Time: 5-20 minutes
Interest Level: ages 3 to adult
Ability Level: beginning to intermediate

Language used: Food items; words that describe taste--sweet, sour [bitter, tart], salty, hot, cold, spicy, refreshing, bland, crunchy, chewy, crisp, light, heavy, smooth, thick, soft, firm, etc.; simple questions and answers.

Game: Bring several food items to class. Be sure to include something sweet, something sour, something spicy, and something salty. Choose a student to be the official taster. The taster must step out of the room and sample the food item given to him or her. He or she then returns to class and answers yes/no questions posed by the rest of the class. (i.e. Is it hot? Is it crunchy? Is is sweet? Is it a vegetable? etc.) The first student to guess the correct food item becomes the next official taster.

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